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V: Nice of you to come Bye Secret Switch
HD A, PRA, CEA negativ, DNA CEA, TNS normal

 M: Femme Fatale Dajavera “ Cherry ”
HD A, ED 0/0, DNA CEA normal



How do you get after 40 years of raising and breeding British Sheepdogs want to have a Border Collie girl ?

The first Border Collie I saw in 1991 at the CACIB in Nürnberg. My husband had lost his dog and was interested in the breed. However, I was shocked about the appearance and the character … It just jumped no spark over .

 In long activity as Zuchtwart over the past 22 years I watched the development of Border Collies and also of Australia Shepherds attention and also critical . I often saw with delicate boned, hyperactive Border, simply "crazy". But should be this breed not so ?? Are the housing conditions in Germany, which are smaller as in the motherand of this Breed, was it the wrong owners and breeders? Probably a little of everything!

In recent years, a very positive development of the breed was observed.
There are very dedicated breeders who operate which targeted improvement of the breed, so that the Border Collie for a reasonably active family (even without their own flock of sheep ...!) Is also very good fit, not just "Workoholiker" but for everyday used families - and but also possibly working dog.

2008 I was impressed by the Border Collie of "Borderline Country" when I picked my "Ivander" (Sheltie) at his breeder Heidi Poschacher.

 For us, I discovered the Border Collie from primarily Australian lines. Also in Germany there are very successful breeders with these lines. I liked pronounced the color ee-red (Australian red) probably reminds me of the similar colors in Collies and Shelties.
Somehow just this color awakened me with the impression of great balance in character.

But where to get ?

At the CACIB Dresden was a beautiful sable male "Clermont Ferrant Dajavera" Best of Breed.

His owner Ilona was very personable, I got in touch with her.
At the same time I tried to get a bitch in three other countries. It turned out to be a difficult undertaking, at this time there were always other colors in the litters ...

As I had a commitment from a Belgian kennel, was im kennel "Dajavera" , "Sina" the only one Female born in the litter.

" Cherry " with O litter  Dajavera Sina with 6 weeks

I am the breeder and her fellow activists very grateful that they have given me Sina.
She has a beautiful, interesting pedigree and is exactly that what we wanted in her character, no ... actually even better ! Your passions are: therapy dog work, rescue dogs but also other fields of activity. She has a super easy use with adults and children and all sorts of breeds and our Shelties

We strive to offer her a varied life, and so we have a very pleasant, well-balanced, very affectionate "Cuddle Cat" ...

Recommend to anyone which is interested on Border Collie:
 RC Franck: Border Collie (CADMOS-Verlag)


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