Shelties vom Hohen Steg

In Memoriam



1995 the new start of Sheltie breeding 
"Xenia black vom Birkenwappen"
(linebreed too Multi-Champ "Midnight Caller of Cairring"
1st Excellent Showresults

The inheritance from our "Xenia black vom Birkenwappen"
(called "Putzi") - her last litter.
She had to be unfortunately put to sleep because of a heavy spinal column injury at the age of 8 3/4 years..





Our "Richy" ("Rain Man vom Paradies")
Son from Bundessgr. Int. Ch. "Nesthäkchen vom Hause Reinhard"
is with over 13 Years peacefully fallen asleep.
He was a males with much " radiant emittance".




Joy and grief often lie very close together:
2007 is also a "black" year:
 We lost 3 "Oldies" between 12 and 14 years,
They all had another tumour illness .......

The loss our " Jodie dark Hohen Steg " with years 7 3/4 after
a Pyometraoperation with next nephritic failure was a very
harsh experience.... Our "Jodie" allowed  us about her father
" Bonny vom Hohen Steg " a connection with our zobel white line
since 1974, Fortunately we have 2 nice grandchildren from her !


In July 2009 our "Vicky" went, at the age of 14 years and 4 month,
very peacefully over the rainbowbridge.  She has never seen except for inoculating a veterinarian, also her mother " Unita Mamive" reached thus very much an old age!
"Vicky" was a daughter from "Rain Man vom Paradies" and brought us from "Sea Dreamers I ám Maikel" two very nice  Litter´s.

Only 3 months after we lost our "Vicky" we had to resolve of quite heavy heart to let put to sleep ours "Benny " (Seagull September song NL) at the proud age of 15 years and 10 months of the veterinarian. My man were  jogged with him 10 thousand km, bicycled and tired with him, mostly without rope.

He was a quite special dog

After  45 years having Collies and after 30 years breeding them our latest Collie bitch "Yucca"
died in the age of 14 year.She had with 5 year an Pyometra and never Puppies, but she was a very
friendly dog. A doughter from our "Rich" and our "Una"